You Just Never Know

Posted By Jenni Fleck Jones, Marketing Manager

I am the marketing manager for our firm and was asked to be a guest blogger for a professional services marketing blog. As I was writing my post, I quickly realized how the topic goes far beyond the professional services industry and how it certainly applies to the nonprofit industry. The main point of the post is ‘You Just Never Know’. If you take the time to find out more about the people you talk and interact with in everyday life, you may learn they know someone you’ve been trying to connect with for years to become a potential donor. They might know how to do something that you’ve been trying to figure out for a while, but just didn’t have the time, like setting up a Facebook page for your organization. Or, they might work for a corporation that you’ve been trying to get as a sponsor for one of your signature events. The examples are endless. Keep in mind that networking is really relationship building, as it takes time and is a two-way street. But, with the right outlook to networking, it can be very beneficial not only for the organization, but personally as well.

Read the original post here and think about how this concept translates into what you do and to the nonprofit industry as a whole.

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