Why Is Belfint Blogging?

Having the resources to make sound financial decisions is no longer considered a luxury for nonprofit organizations, it is a necessity for survival. With an increasing number of exempt organizations in the sector and a decreasing availability of funding from governmental agencies, corporations and individuals, the leaders of nonprofits organizations need to be equipped with reliable information to be decisively reactive to both the threats and opportunities facing their organizations. We understand that the ability to make well informed decisions creates efficiencies that have a positive effect not only on the nonprofit organization, but also on its employees, the individuals receiving its charitable services, its board members, and all others working with the organization to help it achieve its mission.

  • Our vision for our blog is to utilize our firm’s expertise within the industry and become a financial management resource for those needing guidance on the wide range of issues affecting nonprofit organizations.
  • Our goal is to provide guidance on accounting and operational matters to nonprofit employees, tips on best practices for policies and governance to board members, and updates or interpretations of recent pronouncements affecting the industry to service providers and other CPAs.

We hope you enjoy our insights.