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The Benefits of Giving Back

I recently read an article published by the National Federation of Independent Business entitled 6 Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back to Their Community.

Quid Pro Quo Donations

Posted by Chris Ciminera It is customary for nonprofit organizations to occasionally hold an event to raise funds to further its mission or for other charitable purposes. I know specifically that one of our clients, a church organization, holds a fundraiser each year in which all proceeds from the event benefit charitable organizations throughout the community. I received a specific … Continued

Do iPads have a place in nonprofits?

Posted by Saaib Uppal, Staff Accountant Since our childhood, we have always been fascinated by THE new toy that you just had to have. While we eventually grow, and like to say we’ve matured, that mindset tends to stay with us.  The only difference now is that while before we just had to have it because all of our friends did, now … Continued

You Just Never Know

Posted By Jenni Fleck Jones, Marketing Manager I am the marketing manager for our firm and was asked to be a guest blogger for a professional services marketing blog. As I was writing my post, I quickly realized how the topic goes far beyond the professional services industry and how it certainly applies to the nonprofit industry. The main point … Continued