The Gift of Receiving

Posted By Christina K. Bell I can’t believe as I write this there are only six more days to Christmas. With three children 10 and under it is a statistic that I was well reminded of this morning as my son gobbled down the piece of advent candy he had forgotten to eat the night before. While this time of year … Continued

Making a List … And Checking it Twice!

Posted By Jonathan D. Moll, CPA I consider the day after Thanksgiving the beginning of the “Season.” It’s one of my favorite days of the year. This year was no exception as I woke up extra early, long before the sun attempted to make its introduction to the day. As I took a deep breath of the cool autumn air, … Continued

Is Your Organization Prepared to Weather the Storm?

Posted By Jonathan D. Moll, CPA The experts can’t seem to agree on whether or not the current economic crisis is ending, just beginning, or if we’re stuck in the middle of it. However, everybody agrees that there is a need for nonprofit organizations to establish a “rainy day fund” that will help them continue to serve their clients and … Continued

Should We Be Considering Interest Rate Swaps?

By Jonathan D. Moll, CPA Last Sunday, I decided to take advantage of what could potentially be the last warm and sunny weekend day of the year and cleaned out our garage. Not that I had aspirations of actually creating enough room to fit a car,  but I felt sorry for my 4-year-old son, who had to park his bicycle … Continued

The Personal Rewards of Volunteering

Posted By Christina K. Bell When I began working with nonprofit organizations on an ongoing basis several years ago I never could have imagined the impact these organizations would have on my life. When I saw firsthand the outpouring need for the services nonprofits offer and how exceptionally well these services are performed, very often on limited means, I couldn’t … Continued

Tales From the Crypt – The Story of Faith

Posted By Gregory J. Sarnecki, CPA My tale begins as I met one day with Faith, the controller for one of my clients. Faith was very put together and always seemed like she had everything under control. Her office, however, was always a mess of papers, cigarette ashes and dirty coffee cups. Faith never cleaned up her area, and she … Continued

Health Care Reform – Figuring Out What It Means To Nonprofits

Posted by Brian Snyder After an extensive amount of work and revision, the House passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, which President Obama signed into law in March 2010. These two acts are collectively referred to as the 2010 health care reform legislation.  Health care reform has been at the … Continued

Setting Executive Compensation Correctly

Posted by Jonathan D. Moll, CPA Having been given the opportunity to work closely with nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes over the years, it is obvious to me that many of the executive directors and leaders of these organizations are among the hardest working people I have met. They often contribute countless amounts of time and resources to … Continued

Joint Costs – What Your Organization Needs To Know

Posted by Christina K. Bell Has your organization ever sent out informational materials which have included an appeal for contributions such as a newsletter which includes a solicitation for donations? Does your organization have a website that provides information about programs along with a section for on-line donations? Did you know – unless three very specific criteria are met under generally … Continued

DOL’s 403(b) Dedicated Web Page

Posted by Maria T. Hurd, CPA With the changes that are taking effect within the nonprofit community related to retirement plans, the US Department of Labor (DOL) has added a web page focusing on 403(b) retirement plan compliance. Nonprofit entities, such as public schools, hospitals and churches, can offer their employees the opportunity to save for retirement with pretax dollars, … Continued