Don’t Strike Out on Fraud Prevention

Posted by Christina K. Bell With the start of baseball season, many American hometowns take great pride in their local youth sport teams. Unfortunately, some local leagues trade in town pride for town headlines. Last month, news broke that a softball program volunteer had stolen approximately $13,000 from the program causing them to charter with another program. The Association of … Continued

Is Your Copier Spying on You?

Posted by Christina K. Bell More than ever I am seeing my smaller nonprofit clients go from a paper to a paperless environment. This switch may include employees scanning in documents such as donor information, copies of donor checks, and company bank statements directly from their copier to their computer system. This is great for efficiency and productivity but did … Continued

Why Nonprofits Should be Paying Attention to the Blue Ribbon Panel

Posted By Jonathan D. Moll, CPA The Blue Ribbon Panel on Standard Setting for Private Companies – I know, it’s a mouthful. And unless you’re in the small (but extremely gifted) portion of the population that perceives all of life’s moments as a series of debits and credits, I probably lost you after “Standard”. But this is kind of a … Continued

Tales From the Crypt – The Story of Faith

Posted By Gregory J. Sarnecki, CPA My tale begins as I met one day with Faith, the controller for one of my clients. Faith was very put together and always seemed like she had everything under control. Her office, however, was always a mess of papers, cigarette ashes and dirty coffee cups. Faith never cleaned up her area, and she … Continued